Your Partner in Philanthropy

Jefferson Community Foundation understands the landscape—trends, obstacles, and opportunities—of community need and keeps abreast of efforts that will enable all people to thrive.

We know which local nonprofits are focused on which issues, which initiatives are gaining momentum and creating change, which are not, and where service gaps exist.

JCF shares this unique insight with the nonprofit sector to increase the effectiveness of ongoing efforts, and with donors to help inform charitable decisions with the greatest possible impact.


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Our Partners in Changemaking

Jefferson Community Foundation serves as a convener of local changemakers ― those who embody, practice and engage others in the values of empathy, engagement, and a generous investment of time, skills, ideas, and/or dollars. 

JCF facilitates connection and collaboration and furnishes our partners with the information and resources necessary, so that by working together through JCF, our community has greater capacity to create acute and sustain lasting positive impacts.


Let’s Do More by Doing Together

Jefferson Community Foundation makes it possible for donors, and for our community overall, to do more by doing together so each can have greater impact as part of JCF’s larger giving network.

JCF is funded primarily by people like you who understand that having a central means of connecting—across issues, sectors, geographies, and traditional divides —makes a stronger, more resilient community better able to navigate uncertainty and weather crisis.


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