Fundholder Services

Maximize your impact.

You want to make a difference. We are here to help. As part of the JCF family, you can access our personal service, expertise, and professional management. You recommend grants to organizations you care about, and we take care of the rest. To ensure your personal legacy, JCF works with each fundholder in a personalized way. Whether you are extremely hands-on or simply prefer to follow our recommendations, our services can be tailored accordingly. Here are some of the services we provide if you choose.

Grant Administration

Grant Administration You can access your grantmaking portal online at any time. Make a grant request to go to any nonprofit and JCF will ensure it gets mailed out. While our geographical focus is Jefferson County, JCF can facilitate your gifts to any 501(c)(3) nonprofit in the U.S.

Fund Performance Report

Each quarter, you will receive a report of all activity related to your Fund. This will include all donations to the fund, investment performance, fees, and gifts. All of your charitable giving information will be packaged nicely come tax time.

Gift Recommendations

If you choose, our skilled and dependable staff can provide expertise on community needs and gift planning. We have a broad and current knowledge of nonprofits and community programs in areas such as literacy and education, health and human services, economic and civic affairs, the environment, and the arts.

Investment of Charitable Funds

If you would like to have your Charitable Fund invested in the market, JCF has a partnership with Greater Tacoma Community Foundation where your money is part of a $160 million investment pool. This provides access to investment opportunities that would likely not be available if your Fund was independent. All gains and losses related to your Fund remain with your Fund.

Acceptance of Complex Gifts

JCF can accept donations of stock, real estate, partial interest in real estate or promissory notes cash (cash equivalents, including credit card donations), transfer of a Fund from another community foundation, transfer of a private foundation, closely held, restricted or pre-IPO stock, royalties, and distribution rights.

Guidance on Complex Charitable Giving Strategies

Through our partnership with the Greater Tacoma Community Foundation, JCF’s services are augmented by GTCF’s highly knowledgeable experts on complex giving. We host consults for Fund holders with them to learn about tools such as Charitable Remainder Trusts and gift annuities.

Planned Giving

We work with your professional advisors to ensure the charitable components of your estate plan has the local impact you want when the time comes. Because it is impossible to know now which organizations and funding needs will exist then, JCF will ensure your Fund continues to meet your intent in perpetuity.


If you prefer to remain anonymous, JCF can make all of your grants without your name associated. Additionally, unlike private foundations, community foundations report on all of our funds to the IRS so you can remain undiscoverable in tax reporting forms that are available to the public. This also ensures that you aren’t inundated with charitable appeals that you might not want to receive.

Easy Fund Transfer

If you have an existing Charitable Fund with another provider — such as Schwab Charitable, a community foundation where you used to live, or even your own family foundation — JCF makes it easy to move your fund to Jefferson Community Foundation so it can have greater local impact. All Fund management fees assessed support JCF’s nonprofit services and our mission of building a future of opportunity for all in Jefferson County.

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JCF is a powerful investing mechanism with expertise in and knowledge of charitable giving laws, best practices, and gift administration.

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