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You can directly impact the local issues that matter most to you.

Donating to a specific cause allows you to make an impact in that area over time. You identify a specific or broad interest area (such as education, the arts, or affordable housing) and Jefferson Community Foundation ensures effective grantmaking within that field as the needs change. This type of fund allows your grantmaking to evolve as the needs within the field do and gives you peace of mind knowing that JCF will be there to identify the best nonprofits in the issue area you have selected to ensure your legacy lives on.

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Your giving can evolve along with your field of interest.


Housing Solutions Network was formed to facilitate connectivity, communication, and the co-creation of new strategies to increase the availability of affordable and attainable housing in our region. 

HSN was founded in 2018 through a generous grant from the First Federal Community Foundation and serves as a response to the growing housing crisis in Jefferson County, Washington. 

Learn more about the Housing Solutions Network.


The Fund for Women & Girls is dedicated to strengthening our community both now and for future generations through shared philanthropy.

Their mission is a world where women and girls are safe, secure, equal and empowered. FWG works toward it by: Providing grants to Jefferson County nonprofit organizations for programs that support that mission. Bringing information about issues affecting women and their families to residents and organizations. Linking like-minded individuals and organizations in order to leverage community resources.

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For 65 years, households and workplaces in Jefferson County have provided for the basic human needs of vulnerable individuals and families by supporting United Good Neighbors annual Give Jefferson campaign.

United Good Neighbors serves as the United Way for Jefferson County and every dollar raised stays local to support frontline efforts that deliver food, shelter, healthcare, education, and hope to those most in need.

Learn more about UGN and Give Jefferson.


Leading local efforts to sequester carbon, Olympic Carbon Fund is working to restore healthy soils and ecosystems and promote regenerative agricultural practices in partnership with farmers and land stewards in Jefferson County.

Since the fund was established in June 2020, OCF has partnered with 25 commercial farms, 13 community gardens, and numerous private homesteads to incorporate over 110 cubic yards of biochar into the food-producing soils of the region.

As the OCF grows and matures, it will support all aspects of regenerative agriculture and other natural, carbon-sequestering activities.

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