Changemakers solve regional issues by working together.

JCF serves as a platform for people who care about the same issues to come together to work
on solving community challenges. Here are some examples from Q1 2023:

Jefferson County Human Services Collaborators Quarterly Meeting
Partnering with the YMCA, JCF hosts a meeting of individuals, agencies, and nonprofit organizations
that serve the people of Jefferson County. The meeting creates connection between individuals and
organizations, allowing people to collaborate across agencies to better serve our community. Over 30
programs/organizations and 50 individuals gather to share up to date information.

Childcare Sector Group
JCF convenes childcare stakeholders monthly so they can identify and fill gaps in services, now and
for the future of Jefferson County. Currently, members are coordinating efforts on childcare and
working on a collaborative new childcare building project.

Food Security Sector Group
JCF convenes food security stakeholders monthly to update and coordinate immediate food security
and plan for the future of food security in Jefferson County. Participants work on solving emerging
issues and overcome common issues to collectively ensure food security for individual and families in
Jefferson County.

Financial Assistance Sector Group
JCF convenes financial assistance stakeholders monthly to coordinate and update each other on the
landscape of needs and services.