Our Approach to Changemaking

Trust is Our Greatest Currency 

Jefferson Community Foundation understands the landscape —trends, obstacles, and opportunities— of community need and keeps abreast of efforts that will enable all people to thrive.  We know which local nonprofits are focused on which issues, which initiatives are gaining momentum and creating change, which are not, and where service gaps exist. 

JCF shares this unique insight with the nonprofit sector to increase the effectiveness of ongoing efforts, and with local donors to help inform charitable decisions with the greatest possible impact.  We administer charitable funds on behalf of donors facilitating grantmaking and reporting— and utilize administrative fees to provide a suite of support services and resources to local nonprofits.

Changemakers are Our Greatest Resource

  • JCF helps donors design personalized charitable giving strategies that create immediate impact and establish a long-term legacy.

  • JCF makes it possible for donors, and for our community overall, to do more by doing together so they can have greater impact as part of JCF’s larger giving network.

  • JCF is a powerful investing mechanism with an expert knowledge of charitable giving laws, best practices, and gift administration.
  • JCF has long-term ongoing relationships with local nonprofits and communicates nonprofit needs and funding opportunities to local donors.

  • JCF builds the strength of local nonprofits and service organizations in ways that other charitable fund advisors, like Schwab, don’t.  JCF provides a range of valuable resources – grants, knowledge exchanges, networking events, etc. – to help strengthen local nonprofits.

  • JCF helps nonprofits receive and manage a wide variety of philanthropic investments and endowments – from simple to complex gifts.
  • By working together through JCF, our community has greater capacity to create and sustain positive impacts on specific issues.

  • JCF serves as a convener of local changemakers, facilitating discourse around specific issues to identify who and/or which organizations are best suited to lead efforts and programs, what resources are needed, and how success is measured and shared.