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Why Support JCF?

Jefferson County is home to a creative and vibrant community.  Our proximity to verdant lands, sea, mountains, and fields lends itself to an economy driven by artists, craftspeople, farmers, and makers.  We are however experiencing growing, critical challenges to our way of life: a shrinking workforce; a shortage of affordable, permanent housing; a lack of opportunities for youth and support for families.

To preserve all that we love about our home and ensure a future in which all who live here can thrive, we need more than independent acts of charitable giving.  We must cultivate a network of changemakers, collaborating on strategic and cumulative impacts.  Jefferson Community Foundation facilitates these connections and furnishes our partners with the information and resources necessary to impact acute and lasting change.

Jefferson Community Foundation is funded primarily by people like you who understand that having a central means of connecting—across issues, sectors, geographies, and traditional divides —makes a stronger, more resilient community better able to navigate uncertainty and weather crisis.

By giving to JCF, you are supporting:

  • Increased capacity to serve and connect all 30,000+ residents of Jefferson County to meet crises head on and navigate systemic issues with collaboration and innovation.
  • A landscape knowledge of needs and opportunities that results in greater cumulative impact by all residents.
  • A centralized resource for philanthropic insights and strategies.
  • A strong JCF with effective systems, efficient operations, and a culture of equity, accountability, and hope.

How to Support JCF

Your donation of any amount is greatly appreciated and can be made easily online, by mail, or in-person.  You may also choose to setup a recurring monthly or annual donation to support JCF.

Meet JCF’s network of Community Builders & Community Investors

If you would like to make a multi-year pledge, become a JCF Community Builder!

Community Builders pledge between $1,000 to $10,000 per year for five years.  Now more than ever, JCF needs to remain responsive to connect people who care with causes that matter in Jefferson County.  Thank you for supporting JCF!