start a fund

Personalized Charitable Giving Strategies

Start a Fund

A fund is a pool of money invested and professionally managed to achieve set goals. Gains earned through investment are then strategically allocated to specific causes. Some common types of funds include:

All assets managed by JCF are currently held at the Greater Tacoma Community Foundation to ensure that your investments are prudently managed— as part of GTCF’s $130 million pool —for the highest possible return.

Establish a fund with any of the following assets:

  • Cash (cash equivalents, including credit card donations)
  • Marketable securities (stock)
  • Transfer of a Fund from another community foundation
  • Transfer of a private foundation
  • Closely held, restricted or pre-IPO stock
  • Real estate, partial interest in real estate or promissory notes
  • Tangible personal property
  • Royalties and distribution rights
  • Business Interests, including partnerships and interests in LLCs

Is your asset not listed here? Contact Siobhan Canty to learn if we can help.