Community Challenges

horses, beach, jefferson countyJefferson Community Foundation maintains current knowledge of the landscape of challenges and opportunities facing our community. We know which organizations are working on what, where the strengths are and where we have gaps to fill. We share this information with local donors so they can have the greatest impact possible. If you have questions about specific issues or trends, please call us.

Additionally, when community members come together to work on a specific issue through grantmaking and convening, we provide a home for them and assist. These are called “Field of Interest Funds”. JCF currently has four Field of Interest Funds:

  • The Fund for Women & Girls, working to ensure that women and girls in Jefferson County are safe, secure, equal and empowered.
  • United Good Neighbors, providing for the basic human needs of our community for over 65 years.
  • Housing Solutions Network, engaging community members to co-create solutions to our affordable housing crises.
  • Olympic Carbon Fund, helping farmers and other land stewards engage with the soil in ways that sequester atmospheric carbon while restoring healthy soils and ecosystems.

Fund for Women & Girls

Wearable art model on runwayIn 2009, community women came together to discuss ways to empower women and girls in Jefferson County. The popular PT Wearable Art Show is the major fundraiser for the Fund for Women & Girls.

2018 Community Report

“In 2009, we held our first event and 100 women showed up! We were thrilled, excited and overwhelmed with so much support and NEED in our county. We have created an endowed fund and each year give a grant to a local non-profit that does a special project for women and girls. We have come a long way. The road in front of us is still long and we hope to be able to provide for our community for years to come.”


Fund for Women & Girls Logo

United Good Neighbors

United Good NeighborsIn 1957, United Good Neighbors was founded as an independent nonprofit to create a pool of funds for granting to organizations that serve the basic needs of people at risk in Jefferson County. In 2017, UGN became a Field of Interest Fund of JCF.

“UGN was started 60 years ago to focus on strengthening the social service safety net for the people who need it most throughout Jefferson County. From homelessness to food and medical help, UGN supports those in our community most urgently in need of help. In 2017, we decided to become a Field of Interest Fund of JCF so that we could save money on administrative fees and have stronger back office systems in place. This allows UGN to focus on what we do best: connecting neighbor to neighbor to make sure everyone in Jefferson County has the support they need to thrive.”


HSN was founded in 2018 through a generous grant of the First Federal Community Foundation, and serves as a response to the growing housing crisis in Jefferson County, Washington. We work to facilitate connectivity, communication and the co-creation of new strategies to increase the availability of affordable and attainable housing in our region. We work alongside local housing champions – both individuals and institutions – by providing support and capacity building to ensure success.

HSN has directed new grant dollars to housing efforts through the Jefferson Community Foundation and provided scholarships for grant writing workshops, as well as offered coaching and Board development for local organizations. In addition to our Housing Action Teams, we have convened groups of stakeholders to identify and act on local issues of concern, including local workforce and affordable housing developers, community advocates, systems engineers and government staff.

Jefferson County Housing Solutions Network logo

The Olympic Carbon Fund

Lifeless soil (left) and soil restored using regenerative practices (right) in the backyard of David Montgomery and his wife, Anne Biklé.

Helping farmers and other land stewards engage with the soil in ways that sequester atmospheric carbon while restoring healthy soils and ecosystems.