Meet JCF’s network of Community Builders & Investors 

With growing momentum, Jefferson Community Foundation (JCF) demonstrates the agility and deftness with which we can influence change and create positive impacts. We are succeeding in our mission because we are actively engaged in community. Each day we establish connections with nonprofits and local leaders, build relationships with changemakers, and develop the internal systems that empower us to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of our grantmaking.

Our readiness, our ability to respond with clear intentions and purpose, that is a direct result of the generous support of donors.

Thank you to our Community Builders
for pledging between $1,000 and $10,000 a year for a minimum of five years.
You are the wind in our sails!

To become a Community Builder contact Siobhan Canty or call (360) 385-1729.

Karen Amundson & Bobby Grimm
Jane & Mike Armstrong
Deisy Bach
Erica & Ben Bauermeister
Cynthia Becker & Susan Levitt

Carla & Tim Caldwell
Jennifer Carl & Sarah Grossman
Herb & Kathie Cook
Carolyn & Christopher Egan
Ellen Fergusen
Cindy Finnie
David & Teresa Goldsmith
Robyn Johnson & Peter Newland
Austin & Rita Kerr
Kathleen Kler
Rose Lincoln Hamilton

Linda Herzog
 Peter Bonyun & Beth Lorber*
* In memoriam 

Milt & Doris Lum

Terry & Polly Lyle
Carla Main & Brad West
Kathryn & Martin Maly
Lynn Marlow
Kristina Mayer & Karen Page
Jack and Carol McCreary
David & Julie McCulloch
Carrie McGough
Roger & Cameron McPherson
Leah Mitchell & Nancy McLachlan
Steve Moore & Gigi Callaizakis
Kris Morris & Brig Knauer
Earll & Rena Murman
Walter Parsons
Mike Reiss & Shelly Brown
Peter & Linda Rhines
Kate Roosevelt & Caroline Mailard
Wayne & Peggy Siscoe
Liesl Slabaugh & Joseph Bednarik
Araya Sol
Debbi Steele & Dennis Deneau
Alan & Nancy Stevens
Laurie Stusser-McNeil and KC McNeil
Terry & Dee Sweeney
Norm & Carin Tonina
Martha Trolin & Libby Atkins
Doug & Nancy Van Allen
Teresa Verraes
Randy & Sandra Verrue
Meredith & Peter Wagner
Tayloe Washburn & Deborah Winter
David & Ruth Whitney
Tim & Jan Whyte
Craig & Cathie Wier
Windermere R.E. Agents of Good Roots
Judith & Emmet Wolfe
Jack & Lorna Zalaha

Thank you to our major donors who support JCF with larger one time gifts
to help build our capacity and strengthen our programs.

Anonymous Donors
Robert W and Susan T Brown Foundation
Herb and Kathie Cook Fund
Grace Dumenil
Ellen Ferguson
Hugh & Jane Ferguson Foundation
First Federal Community Foundation
George and Patricia Ann Fisher Foundation
Jon Kaplan & Joyce Wilkerson
Karakin Foundation
Love Your Neighbor

Kathryn & Martin Maly
Lynn Marlow
Medina Foundation
Anne Mize
Steve Moore & Gigi Callaizakis
Earll & Rena Murman
Norcliffe Foundation
Dick & Anne Schneider
Sam & Berry Shoen
David & Ruth Whitney



Anonymous (4)
Sharon Black
Gigi Callaizakis & Steve Moore
The Caldwell Family
Bill & Sue Conklin
Herb & Kathie Cook
Malcolm Dorn
Grace Dumenil
Hugh Ferguson
Joe & Cindy Hill Finnie
Rocky Friedman
David & Teresa Goldsmith
Christiane Bradford Hale
Matthew & Tara Henery
Mike & Jane Henery
Bonnie Kellogg & Steven Fetter
Jane Kopriva
Suzanne Lagoni
Carla Main & Brad West
Kristin Manwaring Insurance Assoc., Inc.
Kristina Mayer
Bruce & Teri McComas
Carol McGough
Kathleen Mitchell & Scott Landis
Carolyn Andrews & Jon Muellner
Kristin Nelson
Dr. Henry & Karen Nichols
Stig Osterberg, DDS, MSD, PC
Satterberg Foundation
Schneider Family Fund
Brent Shirley
Sam & Berry Shoen
Liesl Slabaugh
Deborah Steele & Dennis Daneau
Josh & Keely Stranahan
Quimper Foundation
Doug & Nancy Van Allen
Vince & Mary Ann Verneuil
David & Ruth Whitney
Judith & Emmett Wolfe
Scott & Jennifer James-Wilson


Anne Schneider
Herb Cook
Cindy Hill Finnie
David Goldsmith
Bruce McComas
Karen Nichols
Carol McGough

Jefferson County Community Builders