Our Story

Jefferson Community Foundation

What is a Community Foundation?

Jefferson Community Foundation understands the landscape —trends, obstacles, and opportunities— of community need and keeps abreast of efforts that will enable all people to thrive. We know which local nonprofits are focused on which issues, which initiatives are gaining momentum and creating change, which are not, and where service gaps exist. 

JCF shares this unique insight with the nonprofit sector to increase the effectiveness of ongoing efforts, and with local donors to help inform charitable decisions with the greatest possible impact. We administer charitable funds on behalf of donors facilitating grantmaking and reporting— and utilize administrative fees to provide a suite of support services and resources to local nonprofits.

There are over 800 community foundations around the country, each with a specific geographic focus. JCF works closely with Greater Tacoma Community Foundation.

Our Mission

Jefferson Community Foundation connects diverse people, ideas, and resources to build a future of opportunity for all in Jefferson County. We serve as a hub for our community to:  

  • GIVE donations informed with local knowledge and strategy,  
  • BUILD strong and collaborative nonprofits,   
  • SOLVE regional issues by working together on solutions.  

  Our Values

  • TRUSTWORTHY Accountable for stewarding exceptional, considerate, and responsive relationships accurately tailored to an individual’s values and goals. 
  • COLLABORATIVE Engaging and empowering changemakers to identify shared challenges and opportunities for innovative solutions.  
  • DIVERSE Actively building relationships that connect people across traditional divides and work for racial equity.
  • CREATIVE Applying innovative problem-solving to identify solutions to challenges without obvious answers.
  • GENEROUS Modeling the generosity, we want to see in the world.
  • KIND Bringing our authentic selves and passion to the work with mindfulness and compassion.