JCF Services

Helping Nonprofits Build Assets and Operational Capacities

Jefferson Community Foundation is proud to partner with more than 150 nonprofits actively working to improve the quality of life for all in Jefferson County.  Just as we are experts in our field, they’re experts in their specific mission and programs.

JCF invests in strong and collaborative nonprofits and leaders by offering:

  • Grant opportunities
  • Fundraising guidance
  • Capacity building trainings
  • Networking events
  • Educational workshops
  • Agency Fund management 
  • Lending Library

JCF is dedicated to supporting nonprofits by helping to build their assets and operational capacities.  By leveraging our investing capacity, stability, and economies of scale, we can serve as the community savings account and provide unusual, one-time, or venture capital for the entire nonprofit sector.  We also make it easier for nonprofits to accept complex gifts and can help organizations build endowments.  This allows the nonprofits to focus more time and resources on their mission. 

Jefferson Community Foundation has increased its granting capacity five-fold in the last two years, allocating over $1 million to more than 60 local nonprofit organizations dedicated to addressing a robust field of community issues.