Actively involve donors in grantmaking

A Donor-Advised Fund is a charitable giving account created by an individual, family or business and is used to support charitable causes recommended by the donors and their successors. This option provides great flexibility for giving during your lifetime and allows you to leave the gift of philanthropy to the future.

Benefits of a Donor-Advised Fund:

Low Cost
Starting a donor-advised fund with JCF is free, with low annual administrative fees

Community Knowledge
Partnering with JCF gives you insight into community needs & giving opportunities.

Grants can be made anonymously to protect your privacy.

Greater Tax Benefits
Donations to donor-advised funds are tax deductible & may even eliminate capital gains taxes.

You can support Jefferson County or any approved nonprofit in the nation.

No Administration
You’re relieved of all administrative work as JCF handles distributions, record keeping, & tax filings.

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Engage donor members in collaborative grant-making

Jefferson Community Foundation partners with local nonprofits to build their endowments. JCF leverages its investing capacity, stability and economies of scale so that nonprofit partners can focus on their mission. JCF also makes it easier for partners to accept complex gifts.

Giving Circles are groups of neighbors, friends and/or family members who pool their charitable donations and decide together where to commit them. The work of the Giving Circles is not only to write a check, but also to help people learn about philanthropy, about the needs of their community and about local nonprofits. The dues, size, structure and mission are each different and are decided upon by the participants themselves. Jefferson Community Foundation plays a supportive role in the start-up and support of each Circle.

“The Giving Circle gives us the opportunity to learn about the needs in our community and the local nonprofit organizations working to meet them. I leave the presentations feeling informed, energized and amazed by the organizations out there making a difference every day. They also make me feel more connected to my fellow Circle members. Together it makes us better donors—no matter how small—for greater impact.”


Giving Circle Jefferson County

The Better Living Through Giving Circle (members from left to right: Francesco Tortorici, Janie & Fred Kimball, Craig Wier, Karen Best, Robert McPherson, Ruth Lytle, Lynn Marlow, Rena Murman, Doug Van Allen, Earll Murman. Not pictured: Cathie Wier.)


Support one or more specific nonprofits of your choosing.

Donors with strong ties to a particular organization may want to establish a Designated Fund. The donor “designates” a charitable organization that the fund will support during and after his or her lifetime. Other donors are welcomed to contribute as well. If the beneficiary organization ceases to exist, the gift can be redirected to support an organization with a similar mission.


The Dr. & Mrs. Kennith H. Carter Fund was established to make grants to Seattle Children’s for the purpose of covering costs related to the care of uninsured children from Jefferson County.

Yak designated fund of Jefferson County

If you know which type of fund you’re interested in, or have questions, please stop by our office or call us at 360-385-1729.