Edensaw Community Cancer Foundation donates $25K to JeffCo COVID-19 Emergency Response Fund

Leader news staff


The Edensaw Community Cancer Foundation (ECCF) made a $25,000 donation to the COVID-19 Emergency Response Fund at the Jefferson Community Foundation. These funds will support response and recovery efforts related to the COVID-19 pandemic in Jefferson County.

The ECCF is one of the charitable efforts of Edensaw Woods, a local company known for its collection of sustainably sourced domestic and exotic woods.

Eighty percent of Edensaw Woods’ 43 employees participate in payroll deductions to United Good Neighbors and the ECCF on an ongoing basis.

The ECCF was founded by Edensaw owner Jim “Kiwi” Ferris and his partner, Charlie Moore, to support cancer patients in Jefferson County as they navigate their treatments.

Edensaw is making this donation in spite of being currently shut down due to the COVID-19 crisis.

“With so many businesses shut down and so many unemployed, I knew our community was in real need,” Ferris said. “This is such a huge issue, and we had the funds to help. I asked all of my employees what we should do, and the 100% response was to donate to the COVID-19 fund.”

This gift augments donations from more than 345 other people and organizations, and brings the total amount raised for the Jefferson County COVID-19 Emergency Response Fund to more than $385,000.

Funding decisions are made each week by a grant-making team that includes Meredith Wagner, former director of Jefferson County Libraries District; Jean Baldwin, former health director of Jefferson Public Health; Kathleen Kler, former County Commissioner District 3; and Rose Lincoln Hamilton, chair of the board of the Jefferson Community Foundation.

To date, $292,800 has been granted from the fund to support the community. Jefferson County nonprofits that provide services to those impacted by COVID-19, or lead recovery efforts, can apply at JCFgives.org.

“Kiwi and the team at Edensaw are extraordinary examples of the wonderful, caring people that make up our local business community,” said Siobhan Canty, president and CEO of the Jefferson Community Foundation. “By giving to the fund, they ensure we can remain flexible to the changing needs of our community as we navigate what’s ahead. We are so very grateful for their trust and support.”

For more information about the grants, visit JCFgives.org.

Donations can also be made at JCFgives.org, and the foundation charges no fees for administering those funds.