Community Impacts

Trust is Our Greatest Currency | Changemakers are Our Greatest Resource 

Trust is Our Greatest Currency!

Our community’s most impactful resource is not money. It is changemakers like you. Changemaking is not an ethereal, undefined concept. It is a set of values, practices, and skills learned over time: empathy, the courage to speak up and engage, and the practice of giving whether it be time, ideas, or money.

JCF serves as a platform for changemakers to be informed and strategic. We want you – altogether as a community – to make the greatest impact because you are connected and collaborative. One person’s actions amplify into group action, which turns into a mighty movement to address unmet needs.

2021 Community Impacts

  • COVID Response & Recovery: Donors contributed an additional $245,000, 100% of which was allocated to local nonprofits, including $100,000 to arts and culture organizations.
  • Affordable Housing: Anonymous donors worked through JCF to provide $100,000 to Peter’s Place emergency shelters and $70,000 to Housing Solutions Network and its Share Our Spaces campaign.
  • Racial Justice: Black Lives Matter and Jefferson Land Trust connected through JCF to support the start-up of Usawa Consulting and their new 16-week Racial Justice Literacy Workshop in which over 20 local nonprofits participated.
  • Economic Development: North Olympic Development Coalition and local makers came together through JCF to explore a new Creative Entrepreneurship Network, to find ways we might build our economy back with less dependence on tourism and higher wage jobs for the next generation.
  • Education: When Chimacum and Port Townsend school districts wanted to explore ways they could deepen collaboration and find efficiencies, JCF funded the project.