Build a legacy

Enduring Impact on Causes You Care About

Make a difference far beyond the measure of one lifetime.

JCF Legacy Society recognizes individuals who have chosen to leave a lasting legacy in Jefferson County and honors members’ charitable passions while establishing them as philanthropic role models in our community. Legacy Society participants are an inspiration to others to look toward the future and learn how they too can have an enduring impact on the causes they care about.

Legacy Society members can direct their charitable gifts to Jefferson Community Foundation and support:

  • A centralized resource for philanthropic insights and strategies.
  • A landscape knowledge of needs and opportunities that results in greater cumulative impact.
  • Competitive fees for fund management services.
  • A strong JCF with effective systems, efficient operations, and an unmatched workplace culture of equity, accountability, and hope.
  • Increased operating capacity, so that we can serve all 30,000 residents of Jefferson County with a diverse network capable of meeting crises head on, and one adept at navigating systemic issues with collaboration and innovation.

Or Legacy Society members can donate their “fund” at JCF through a will, trust, designation or other planned gift.

Common types of Legacy Funds include:

  • Bequests
    Bequests are the simplest and most common form of legacy giving. There are several ways to make a gift of money or assets through your will or trust to advance causes that have been important in your life. If you wish, you can make the bequest contingent on the condition that your primary beneficiaries do not survive you.

  • Beneficiary Designations
    Some assets do not pass according to your will or trust, but instead pass to the person or organization you name in a beneficiary designation. Two of the most common types are life insurance and retirement assets.

  • Charitable Trusts
    Charitable trusts are highly tailored irrevocable planned giving arrangements that allow you to realize several benefits while also supporting causes you care about. For instance, you can establish a trust that supports you or your beneficiaries while you are alive and then gifts the balance to charities—or that supports charitable causes for a specified term and then returns the underlying assets to your primary beneficiaries.

Partner JCF’s philanthropic expertise with your financial, estate, or tax planning team!

JCF recognizes that trusted professional advisors are a valuable source of information and counsel on strategies for legacy giving, and we are ready and able to enhance their ability to create a charitable plan that honors your interests in perpetuity.  Learn more!