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Jefferson Community Foundation 

Frequently Asked Questions  


Jefferson Community Foundation brings together diverse people, ideas and resources to build a future of opportunity for all here in Jefferson County. We serve as hub for our community to: 

  • GIVE donations informed with local knowledge and strategy, 

  • BUILD strong and collaborative nonprofits,  

  • SOLVE regional issues by working together on solutions. 



Q: What is a Community Foundation? 
A:  Jefferson Community Foundation (JCF) is one of more than 800 community foundations around the country, each one dedicated to a different geographic area. Community foundations understand the landscape – trends, obstacles, and opportunities – of community health and, which local nonprofitare focused on which issues. Community foundations keep abreast of what efforts are gaining momentum and creating change, which are not, and where service gaps exist. This knowledge is then shared with donors so charitable decisions can have the greatest impact 


Q: What are some of the things I would know Jefferson Community Foundation for? 
A:  JCF has been around for 16 years, mostly operating in a grantmaking capacity.  Over the last four years JCF has taken on more community impact initiatives.  Most recently they started and managed the community fundraising efforts of the Covid Response & Recovery FundJCF also started the Housing Solutions Network in 2018 to grow and activate the network of people working on workforce housing in Jefferson County. 


In addition to the 50 charitable funds they manage for nonprofits, families and community projects, they also steward the United Good Neighbors, Fund for Women & Girls, and the Wearable Art Show.  JCF coordinated the allocation of over $1.2 million in grants to Jefferson County nonprofits in 2020. 


Q: How does JCF help local nonprofits?  

A:  Jefferson Community Foundation (JCF) supports local nonprofits by offering capacity building workshops, convening sector groups, providing access to the national foundation database. JCF convenes organizations working on the same mission – like food, financial support or mental health – to create stronger, more efficient services in Jefferson County. And when the right match arises, JCF connects nonprofits with new donors who might not already know about their work.  


Q: What is JCF’s relationship to United Good Neighbors of Jefferson County (UGN)? 

A: UGN has served as the United Way of Jefferson County for over 65 years, raising money for our most vulnerable neighbors and providing for basic human needs. In 2018, to reduce operating costs and create a centralized fundraising mechanism for critical social servicesUGN leadership voted to become Field of Interest Fund at Jefferson Community FoundationJCF now manages the finances and administration of UGN and the annual Give Jefferson campaign.  





Q: Why should I support Jefferson Community Foundation? 

A:  Supporting JCF is a strategic decision for a more coordinated and efficient nonprofit environment. It’s also a decision to support positive community change. This community has some big issues to work on and we do it best when we all work together. We have challenges like the housing crises – our working families are moving away because they cannot afford to live here. We also have huge opportunities. We have the chance to rebuild our economy in ways that lessen our dependence on tourism and create jobs for our youth that are better than minimum wage. People work through Jefferson Community Foundation on these issues and more.  


Q: How can I support Jefferson Community Foundation? 

A: You can donate to JCF’s general operations as a one-time donor or as a Community Builder.  You could also engage their services as a charitable guide and administrator and open a Donor Advised Fund.  The fund administration/investment fees are a piece of the general operating budget and contribute to JCF’s ability to focus on community issues.  

(For more information about DAFs, see next section “Giving Through JCF”) 


Q: What is a Community Builder? 

A: Community Builders make a fiveyear pledge of $1,000 to $10,000 a year to support JCF operations. When you join the JCF Community Builders program you are building the foundation of JCF’s operational budget, which allows JCF to be active in the community, working alongside nonprofits and citizens on complex issues. In a county with 150+ nonprofits, JCF is the only one with a landscape perspective – keeping an eye on all facets of community health  so we can all coordinate together. Community Builders can choose to support JCF with an annual gift or with monthly donations of $84 or more. 


Q: Can I be a monthly donor instead of making a larger onetime gift? 

YesYou can set up a recurring donation through our website at www.JCFgives.org. Just click the donate button. 





Q: What is a Giving Circle? 

A: JCF Giving Circles represent a group of individuals (usually 10-12) who meet regularly to learn about their community and combine their philanthropy over (typically) a three-year commitment. Giving Circles pool their donations and decide together where to give, to create change, to make an impact.  


Q: What is a Donor Advised Fund (DAF)? 

A: A Donor Advised Fund, or DAF, is like a charitable investment account. If you give more than $5,000 a year to nonprofits and like to be actively involved, a DAF is a good option. DAFs are easy to set up and can be started with a minimum of $10,000 in cash, stocks, or other matured assets. You are then able to recommend donations to your favorite nonprofits, and JCF handles the grants.  The money you donate to your DAF is irrevocable because of the tax benefits, but as it grows you will have more available to support your community. Please see www.jcfgives.org for more information. 


Q: Why would I choose to do my charitable giving through JCF Fund versus just doing it myself? 

A: Donating through a community foundation is more like investing.  You gain inside knowledge into the challenges and opportunities in Jefferson County and your money will have greater impact in the context of other fundholders, which allows for real change to happen. Also, there are savvy tax advantages to donating through a DAF, including the opportunity to bunch 2-3 years of your charitable donations together to push past the $24,000 annual standard deduction threshold. Then you can maximize the tax break that first year and take the standard deduction the following year.  


Q: Can JCF work with my existing financial advisor, estate planner, attorney? 

A: Absolutely yes! JCF serves as a resource to these professionals helping them to connect your dollars with what you are passionate about.  


Q: Why open a DAF at JCF instead of Schwab Charitable or Fidelity Charitable? 

A: JCF partners with Greater Tacoma Community Foundationto gain access to a larger investment pool with a competitive investment strategy through Vanguard and ESG.  The investment returns are in linwith Schwab and Fidelity. 


In addition to making your charitable decisions with access to JCF’s community knowledge, the main advantage is, when you open a JCF DAF or move your existing DAF to JCFthe investment and administration fees stay in your local community. It is probably a little more expensive than Schwab or Fidelity (JCF charges 1.75%) but it is kind of like purchasing your food from a local farmer’s market instead of a large corporate grocery. It costs a little more to build a local economy. The fees you pay support JCF’s nonprofit services and community outreach. 


Q: I already have a DAF somewhere else, what can I do about it now? 

A: If the idea of keeping your money local and benefitting the community resonates with you, all you need to do is open a DAF at JCF and then make a grant (partial or total) from your old DAF to Jefferson Community Foundation. JCF has an online portal, where you can access your account information and recommend grants. 


Q: If we have a family foundation, what is the advantage of opening a fund at JCF? 

A: You can convert all or part of your family foundation into a DAF at the community foundation.  JCF handle’s the tax and legal administration, and you focus on making impactful grantsYour family or board can act as fund advisors, and you can even use the foundation name as your DAF name. The cost of a managing a foundation can be as high as 10% of your assets, while a DAF through JCF is under 2%.