Agency Funds

 A Simple and Efficient Way to Invest Nonprofits’ Assets

Agency Funds

Jefferson Community Foundation offers two kinds of Agency Funds to offer nonprofits a simple and efficient way to invest their assets:

  • Agency Endowment Funds are held permanently at JCF and are invested in the long-term investment pool. They grow over time to ensure a lasting source of income for your organization. These are appropriate for organizations that are (a) confident in their current and ongoing ability to cover their annual operating budget, (b) seek to ensure their viability into the long-term future, and (c) have a significant base of major donors who would be willing to contribute to an endowment through additional gifts or estate plans.

  • Agency Stewardship Funds allow organizations to withdraw money at any time upon a vote of the majority of their Board. These funds can be held in a long-term, short-term, or socially responsible investment pool and all or part of the fund can be requested at any time.

JCF holds an account through which your agency’s fund benefits from investment into a $130 million pool held at Greater Tacoma Community Foundation. Being part of this larger pool gives your nonprofit the benefit of a diverse investment strategy, strong oversight the benefits of a diverse investment portfolio and low investment fees that typically come only with very large funds. Unlike investing via a major national corporation like Schwab or Fidelity, the fees you pay to JCF work to strengthen local nonprofit support services like workshops, trainings, etc.

How it Works

  • The agency’s board determines how much they would like to place in the fund and chooses the type of fund.
  • JCF sets up the fund in the name of the nonprofit which has online access to quarterly fund statements.
  • The fund is placed in one or more of JCF’s investment pools. All gains are credited to your fund.
  • Your organization may add to the fund at any time.
  • JCF handles investment management and the administrative responsibilities so the agency’s staff and board can concentrate on fulfilling the organization’s mission.
  • Fees support the growth of a local network of connected nonprofits, charitable donors and volunteers working together on local issues and services.

Agency Fund Benefits

  • Assets benefit from being part of a much larger investment pool.
  • JCF handles investment management as well as administrative and reporting responsibilities.
  • Donors can leave a bequest to benefit the nonprofit organization forever and create a personal legacy.
  • JCF can accept even the most complex gifts, including gifts of appreciated stock or real estate.

Funds to Fit
Financial Goals

Agency Stewardship Funds

JCF began offering Agency Stewardship Funds in late 2021 to provide a more effective pooled-investment opportunity to local nonprofit organizations who have significant reserves they don’t intend for use for 3- to 5-years or more. Agency funds are invested through JCF into a $160 million pool, which provides access to better investment opportunities and greater potential returns. The organization can have access all or part of their invested funds at any time upon a majority vote of their Board of Directors.

Agency Stewardship Funds at JCF:
Olympic Neighbors
Jefferson Land Trust 
Northwind Art 

Agency Endowment Funds

Agency Endowment Funds allow nonprofit organizations to create a sustained pool of funds over time from which they receive an annual allocation. Endowments promote a message to the community of strategic, long-term fiscal stability, responsibility, and viability, which can enhance the organizations credibility and sustainability. Yearly fund payouts of between 3.6% and 4.3% reduce reliance on organization’s annual fundraising for meeting long-term goals.

Agency Endowment Funds at JCF:
Rotary Club of Port Townsend 

Port Townsend Public Library Foundation 
JeffCo Historical Society Barbara Marseille 
Jefferson Community Foundation Fund