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Rose Lincoln Hamilton

JCF Chair

Teresa Verraes

JCF Vice-Chair

Sarah Hadlock

JCF Treasurer

Kate Roosevelt

JCF Secretary


Tina Flores-McCleese

Julie Gertler

Heidi Eisenhower

Amanda Funaro

Katie Oman



Siobhan Canty

JCF President & CEO

Alecia Kleiner

Funds & Donor Relations

Jen Kingfisher

Nonprofit Relations

Megan Claflin

Strategic Communications

Nicole O’Hara

Operations & Finance

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Creative Entrepreneurship Network Weaver
Jefferson Community Foundation is launching the research and development phase of a Creative Entrepreneurship Network. We seek candidates who have experience in community engagement and facilitation, live in Jefferson County, and are entrepreneurial themselves.

This position is a contract position – not an employee – of JCF. The Network Weaver will report to and work at the direction of Siobhan Canty, CEO of Jefferson Community Foundation. Read full contract description here