JCF was started in 2005 by a small group of community members who wanted to ensure the future was bright for all who live in Jefferson County. Since then, we have grown to manage almost $2.5 million in assets and in 2020, we expect to make over $1 million in grants. Unlike private foundations, where all of the funds come from a single course like a family or a company, community foundations serve as a home for all charitable donors in a community, informing their strategies and connecting them together. We know the issues and trends in our community, where things are going well and where the gaps are. We share this information with local donors so all of our gifts can build on each other and create real change.

When the community faces new challenges, one of the first steps for many is to connect to JCF. 

In the last year, over 1,200 friends and neighbors invested in and through Jefferson Community Foundation because they knew that coordinated charitable giving is what makes the difference between giving money and making change. We have big things to work on together – things like economic development, affordable housing, and youth opportunity. We are a generous community with a crowded nonprofit landscape that can be challenging for donors to navigate. That is where JCF comes in. We guide donors – through social issues, local organizations and tax laws –  so you can have more impact by making exactly the right donation at exactly the right moment.

JCF understands the landscape of needs and organizations.

When Bayside Transitional Housing needed to renovate rooms to accommodate more families, they called JCF. When the Connected Students Initiative needed to help over 200 young people get online access to their education, they reached out to JCF. When the Food Banks needed a new generator and boxes to offer curbside pick-up, they came to JCF. When Quilcene Schools needed support for afterschool programs; when the Chimacum School District needed additional counseling services; when Center Valley Animal rescue needed more food for animals they rescued…you got it — they reached out to JCF. We know the needs, the players, the gaps and the opportunities so all of our gifts, as a community, can add up to better lives for everyone who lives here.

We can do more together. Having an active and healthy Community Foundation benefits the entire community.